Director- Abram Boise

Abram is a crazy person. A river guide gone MTV star currently caring enough about a river to make a film about it. He is an accomplished painter, sculptor and co-founder of Soundcolor Studios. 

Director of Photography - Edwin Olding

Another crazy person. Edwin spends his time living in the back of a pickup truck so he can surf and climb to his hearts content. Edwin to is taking time off from his radical lifestyle to help save the Yellowstone River. He is also editing the film. 

Assistant Director - Monica Dahl

Monica is a hardcore gal. She has been to more concerts then the average person could imagine and has kept the boys on track, making sure they got the shots they needed. 

Key Grip - Evan Rosborough (Moosie)

Evan is a proper beer drinking, hockey playing Canadian who knows his way around a camera. Starting this project with no rafting experience he has forcibly grown in the still during this project.